Immigration is destroying Britain. Immigration has become a contentious topic in the United Kingdom, with supporters and opponents of immigration often expressing different views on the subject. There are a variety of concerns regarding immigration to the UK. Here are some of the major points from my perspective:

The Strain on Public Services

It can be argued with evidence that immigration places a burden on public services such as the NHS, education, and housing. This is because immigrants often use more public services than they pay in taxes.

Economic Strain

There is a concern that immigration puts a strain on the economy, particularly in low-skilled industries where immigrants are often employed. This can lead to increased unemployment and reduced wages for UK citizens.

Increased Crime Rates

Uncontrolled immigration has also led to an increase in crime rates, particularly violent crime. This argument is clear. This is due to a lack of integration and cultural differences between immigrant communities and the UK. There is also this issue. As to why immigrants seem to be able to access full legal aid when people who actually live in the UK have limited or no access,

Culture and Identity

Immigration can threaten UK culture and identity. It is a fact that the influx of immigrants has led to cultural erosion and the erosion of British values and customs.

Islam and Terrorism

There is a belief among some individuals that Muslim immigrants are not assimilating into UK society, which poses a threat to national security. The UK should restrict immigration from Muslim-majority countries to prevent terrorism. This means increased strictness. Including both family and individual background checks. This ensures ISIS and other dangers are not imported. We all know you can tar every Muslim with the same brush, but it helps to be careful. Who we allow into our country. And the government bears that responsibility.


Individuals argue that immigrants should be required to integrate into British society. I believe that integration is essential for a cohesive and stable society. But if you look at UK demographics by land, you can see that immigration has created a serious divide and split communities.

Language Barrier

Immigrants who do not speak English should not be allowed into the UK. Which is the belief that the language barrier prevents immigrants from assimilating into UK society.


There is a concern that allowing large numbers of immigrants into the UK can lead to overcrowding and strain on infrastructure, such as housing and transportation. This can be clearly evidenced by the fact that there are now over 1 million UK citizens on social housing waiting lists. I don’t think it is right that those who don’t follow the correct channels and paperwork Take priority over those who have been waiting and following the correct procedures.

National Identity

Immigration undermines the UK’s national identity and sovereignty. I, like many others, believe that the UK should have control over its borders and who is allowed into the country.

Social Cohesion

Immigration undermines social cohesion in the UK. Allowing large numbers of immigrants into the country leads to cultural and social divisions, which can lead to increased tensions and conflicts.

Public Health

Immigration can lead to public health concerns, particularly in cases where immigrants come from areas with high rates of infectious diseases.


Immigration can have a negative impact on education, particularly if there are large numbers of non-English-speaking immigrants in schools. They argue that this can lead to a lack of educational progress for all students.

Cultural Differences

Cultural differences between immigrants and UK citizens can lead to a lack of understanding and mistrust, particularly if there is a lack of assimilation.

Family Reunification

There is a concern that family reunification policies can lead to a significant increase in immigration. Particularly if immigrants bring large numbers of family members with them.

Crime and Terrorism

Immigrants may have links to criminal or terrorist organisations, which can pose a risk to UK citizens.

Integration Requirements

Immigrants should be required to demonstrate their willingness to integrate into UK society before they are allowed into the country.

Demographic Changes

Large-scale immigration can lead to demographic changes that can have a negative impact on the UK’s social


It’s very simple: the government has to halt any form of permanent settlement migration. We can still offer places in the UK for work and education. But there is no need to print British passports; they can keep their own from the residency they left. And in time, if things don’t work out, they can be removed to their country without issues or legal proceedings.

People should know that it’s not just those flouting the law. With regard to immigration. It’s also the government handing out free passes to anyone who seems to set foot on our soil. These legal immigration-processed immigrants are now in their thousands.

At present, it would seem that Britain has no border. Already, 6691 migrants have been picked up by the Border Force since January 2023. travelling across the English Channel in 159 dinghies. And as the weather improves. So will the numbers.

As citizens of the UK

We also need to campaign to remove us from the 1951 UN Refugee Convention.

The 1951 Refugee Convention was put in place to address the international protection of refugees in the aftermath of World War II. It was created in response to the massive displacement of people during and after the war and the need for a framework to protect those who were fleeing persecution and seeking asylum in other countries.

The primary objective of the Convention was to establish a universal definition of a refugee and outline the rights and obligations of both refugees and the countries that receive them. It sought to provide a legal framework for the protection of refugees and ensure that they were not returned to situations where their lives or freedoms would be at risk.

The Convention defined a refugee

As, someone who is outside their country of origin due to a well-founded fear of persecution based on factors such as race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group. It emphasised the principle of non-refoulment, which prohibits the return of refugees to a country where they may face persecution.

By establishing a set of guidelines and principles, the 1951 Refugee Convention aimed to promote international cooperation and solidarity in addressing the needs of refugees and ensuring their human rights and dignity. However, it is my belief and that of others. That this convention is no longer needed. And needs to be repelled. Especially as it’s been abused and misused.

The next stage would be to remove the UK from both the UN Human Rights Convention and The European Court of Human Rights. We fought for Brexit, and we won our sovereignty back. These two rules are strangling and crippling the UK, as are immigrants, human rights lawyers, NGOs, and refugee charities. Are abusing the system to constantly take the government to court when it attempts to close down and protect our borders.

Once we gain back control of our border, it will be time to campaign. To get rid of NATO. They are a globalist organisation. Which seeks a globalist system. This means they will control every nation-state, including our population, borders, land, property, and industry. NATO will also decide which wars we will be involved in without our choice or consent. I, like many, don’t want to be part of a “one-world” dominance. Controlled by the richest and most corrupt people in the world.

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