Senegalese illegal migrant sentenced to 25 years in prison

Mably (42): a Senegalese illegal migrant has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for having massacred Amélie. His ex-partner, with 59 stab wounds

The sad thing is and the reality. Emelie was left a woke ignorant individual who dedicated her life, to trying to save illegals. And this is her reward, like many women and children all over the world who fall victim to Islam extremists

Regardless, she did not deserve to be brutally murdered by a vile excuse of a human.

I’ve translated the article using Google, so it’s not perfect, but you get the jist of what happened


“This is a particularly sordid and perverse crime. […] He has no mitigating circumstances,” said Attorney General Abdelkrim Grini, quoted by Le Progrès.

The civil party, which represented the victim’s mother. Indicated that she was in the presence of a “classic pattern of domestic violence which results in femicide.” Agence France-Presse specifies that the accused has been residing in France irregularly since 2018. His prison sentence is accompanied by a permanent ban from the territory at the end of his detention


(…) His former companion reported himself with bloody hands to the Roanne police station around 5 a.m. The body of his ex-partner, Amélie Amar, 34, was found on her bed, with large wounds on her neck, on the ground floor of the building at 9 rue Pierre-Corneille (…)


(…) With bloody hands, this man of Senegalese origin and Muslim faith was immediately apprehended by the police and placed in police custody. Returning to the address indicated by the suspect, in an apartment in the city center of Mably. Police officers indeed discovered the lifeless body of a woman, lying on her bed in a pool of blood.

“It was by opening the bedroom door that the police discovered the young woman on the bed. Lying on her back and clearly killed with several stab wounds to the neck and carotid artery,” Abdelkrim Grini told Le Figaro, the public prosecutor of Roanne.

Two bloodstained knives were also found near the bed where the victim was lying. “One of these weapons had the blade broken in two. Which suggests the violence of the blows suffered by the victim,” underlined the magistrate.

And added that “the intention to kill is beyond doubt.” (…) According to the mother of the missing woman. Her 32-year-old daughter had been having an affair with the suspect for around seven months. But both had been separated for two months.

The young woman, is originally from the Roanne region. Came to the aid of this individual who had been surviving since his arrival in France a short time ago. (…)

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