The Real Care 4 Calais is a questionable charity that works with refugees in Belgium, France, and the U.K. And has 1,000 volunteers in France and 500 in the UK. And is riddled with corruption, including the woman who set it up. Clare Moseley seems to be having a very unprofessional relationship with the migrants. One of whom tried to burn down the organization’s warehouse, named Mohamed declared his love for her. Demonstrating how unstable and unpredictable these migrants are, and how Moseley could be seen as sexually exploiting refugees.

The bogus Syrian Migrant in question was Bajjar Mohamed, who was smuggled into Britain by a Care 4 Calais volunteer. His only goal was to seduce women for his gratification and greed. This is why the scandal has brought into question care 4 Calais’s motives. On the outside one can see that they are heavily involved in people trafficking. Liking and sharing resources with other organizations and NGOs, with one clear motive. To get as many 1000’s of refugees to Britain, regardless of the consequences, and background of these so-called migrants.

There is a video also floating about of Moseley openly admitting the main reason it’s mostly men crossing the channel. Is because the women are at great risk of rape or worse. From the very men, she is encouraging and importing into Britain.


“We believe in a fair and tolerant British society and advocate for a welcoming and inclusive attitude towards refugees.

When refugees first arrive in the UK it can be bewildering for them.  Navigating a new country and a foreign language is a big challenge. Made worse if you have no money and are scared and alone.   Our volunteers meet up with refugees to provide a friendly face and helping hand. We collect and distribute clothes, shoes, mobile phones, and other essentials.  We can also help them to access services such as legal aid, English lessons, or public transport”.

They provide services to migrants, including training in all things British. For instance, politics and how to claim benefits at the best possible capital gain for the migrants. They have no care for the people who live on our small island.

The fact is, most crossing the channel from France are economic migrants. Military-aged men with smartphones are all welcomed by care 4 Calais and housed in four-star hotels. And is NOT mostly women and children, as mainstream media would lead you to believe.

France is NOT a war-torn country. It is a safe country. Over 34,184 illegal crossings were made in the last year 2021, as counted and verified by TW media. Weddings and functions are getting cancelled at hotels across the country due to housing migrants. Meanwhile, homeless veterans sleep in doorways on our streets.

Most recently Care 4 Calais has been seen in Dover, Dungeness, and Ramsgate. Greeting the arrivals that have been ferried in by border force, the navy, and including, Dover, Dungeness, and Ramsgate RNLI. This seems very unfair as the entirety of the MSM has been banned and blocked. From gaining access to where they were standing. By Priti Patel, Dover Harbour Board, and the Home Office.


However, on Thursday 19th May 2022, it has been alleged, that Care 4 Calais. Had sneaked in a reporter and a videographer and was illegally filming in the compound. Including the new £2 million processing Centre in Dover. They appear to have been caught and have been banned from the area including Ramsgate and Dungeness.


One of the hotels previously mentioned by Care 4 Calais was the Wool Merchant Hotel in Halifax. Who asked guests to leave to receive ‘refugees’ the very next day. This was in December roughly 20 guests were asked to leave by the hotel establishment. They were told that it was due to a broken boiler. However, that wasn’t the case. No boiler repairs or replacements have been made on the premises.

Wool Merchant Hotel in Halifax

The very next day, the hotel moved in its first set of Afghans. The Home Office had paid for the Hotel to now house ‘refugees’. It is believed that the hotel is receiving £150 per person, per day. As well as just under £7,000 per month for ‘upkeep’ and damage. The hotel is now also employing two full-time Mitie security guards trained under the ‘Serco’ umbrella.


The Charity Commission has launched a statutory inquiry into serious concerns identified at Care 4 Calais. The charity reported an income of £9,000k in 2020.

The inquiry opened in August 2020, to examine matters including:

⦁ Whether there has been mismanagement and/or misconduct in the administration of the charity by the trustees.

⦁ The trustees’ responses to the Commission’s requests for information. And whether or not the charity has followed its regulatory advice and guidance.

⦁ The charity’s financial controls.

⦁ The charity’s safeguarding policies.

Sarah Tomlinson and Philip Watts of Anthony Collins Solicitors LLP. Have been appointed as interim managers to review the charity’s governance. According to the charity, they rely entirely on donations.


Care 4 Calais are now providing a letter in various languages and phone numbers to the migrants. So they can complain and build up a database on those who will be deported to Rwanda. For processing, completely goes against the home office guidance.

The plan is to send them to Kigali. They will be able to apply for asylum, getting free accommodation for about three months while their fate is decided. But they will not be able to apply for refugee status in the UK. To try to deter others from trying to make the relatively unchallenged journey from France. But, Care 4 Calais has now instructed lawyer, Duncan Lewis solicitors. To challenge the government on the deportation to Rwanda scheme.

They are begging for donations to help with legal costs. According to Care 4 Calais, the Government is in direct contravention of the Refugee Convention. And fears for the LGBT+ refugee community, which at present, seem unfounded and just another delay tactic. This seems to be working as the government has announced. No refugees will be transported to Rwanda, until after the 6th of June 2022.

On top of that our government seems to be funding this too. With over £7 MILLION of taxpayer cash given to groups fighting and lobbying against plans to send migrants to Rwanda. These include Migrant Help which received £6.9million, Stonewall which got £593,000, Refugee Action £58,000 and Home Not Hate £50,000.

Why has the government allowed these loopholes? Why not just put laws in place and take back control of our borders. Including removing any legalities from woke left do-gooding lawyers, NGO’s and organizations impeding. Strip them of status, function, and Finance.


it’s pretty clear from the evidence and published articles. That Care 4 Calais, seems somehow muddled up in the smuggling operations from France to Britain. Actively encouraging the migrants to cross the very dangerous English Channel. Is this to help, or just to look good for donations, profit or sympathy. Only their moral compass guides them, which seems very low indeed. Even when 27 migrants perished in the channel 2021, this did not deter the charities’ activities. So in effect them encouraging the crossings, means they hold part responsibility for their demise.

Colin Carswell, a retired Met Police superintendent of 30 years, lead an investigation on human trafficking. Has expressed that the smugglers are charging between £2,500 and £22,500. In some cases, the payment is demanded upfront. If not then this leads to them paying here in Britain. And the gangs use any method they can think of. Including extortion, prostitution and sweatshops, and even worse torture. Care 4 Calais is aware of this and it seems to don’t care. Putting its motives as a charity into serious question.


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Written By M. Osborne and Co-Written by Lucy B