Gender Ideology Taught In Schools. School lessons on gender identity are taught to 3 – 16-year-olds. The school resources used are from Jigsaw PSHE. Even though a huge majority of parents forbid it. As it is deemed as Propaganda, and part of an indoctrination program, which is hurting and abusing young minds.

The following is where so-called gender ideology beliefs

Definition of gender identity – same or different to gender ASSIGNED at birth.

You are born with a sex at birth, male or female. This lesson conflates sex and gender at various points. Interchangeably using sex and gender is not helpful and adds to the confusion on this subject. It is our SEX which is observed and recorded at birth. It is not assigned randomly by a doctor/nurse, who ‘may have got it wrong’.

(except for intersex people, who are extremely rare and may have ambiguous genitalia but are still either male or female. They are not a third sex or on a spectrum. In fact, many intersex people are tired of being used in this debate as evidence of a ‘spectrum of sexes’. The intersex percentage of the population is 0.018%, not 1.7% as often stated by trans activists. There are only 2 sexes, which produce the 2 gametes; eggs and sperm. If there is a spectrum of sexes, where are the other gametes? A gender spectrum should be the term used, to include all the made-up genders.)

Gender binary – states that most people grow up with the idea that there are 2 genders. But many exist outside of the gender binary.

People grow up learning that there are 2 SEXES, not 2 genders. Again conflating sex and gender will be confusing to children. It confuses adults when interpreting the Equality Act where sex and gender reassignment are already separate protected characteristics.

For many, sex and gender have historically been used interchangeably (gender sounds more polite than using the word sex). However, since the introduction of gender ideology into the mainstream, for many, gender now means gender identity. So, when gender is used instead of sex, it overrides the meaning of sex, intentionally or unintentionally.

This allows the erasure of women as a sex class and the erasure of sexual orientation. (Which becomes same-gender attracted, instead of same-sex). Two of the protected characteristics of the Equality Act. It also allows gender (identity) to be prioritized over sex eg our school’s application form. Allowing men (who claim to be women) into single-sex spaces.

Was there a time when you realized you were a girl or a boy?

There are women who recall hating being forced into dresses for special occasions. Or having their tangled long hair combed, or not being allowed to do ‘boyish’ (more fun) things, when younger. And many small boys are told off for playing with dolls, dressing up, etc. This ideology is teaching our children that if you dislike stereotypical things about your sex. Then you may have been ‘born in the wrong body’. This is a destructive and regressive thing to lead our children to believe.

Susie Green, ex-CEO of Mermaids (a charity for trans children). Explains in her TED talk how her husband could not accept that their son liked ‘girly’ things. He was castrated for his 16th birthday in Thailand. As it is illegal in the UK, and now illegal in Thailand, at that age.

Ted talk by Susie Green commented on by Kellie-Jay Keen (39mins)

When asked this question in class. How many thought that they might not be a ‘proper’ girl or boy? Especially girls who are uncomfortable in their bodies. Most women feel uncomfortable going through puberty eg starting periods and being sexualized when breasts develop. We live in a porn-sick culture, to which many children are exposed. A recent survey showed that many children and young adults view pornography. Often violent, and they expect sex to involve choking/strangling/beating.

Girls are more susceptible to body hatred due to their discomfort, manifested as eating disorders and self-harming. Now, identifying out of becoming a woman is an option and becoming more popular. (if only girls and women in Iran and Afghanistan could identify as being female). Double mastectomies and genital mutilation are extreme forms of self-harm. Girls are also more susceptible to social contagion.

The number of girls referred for gender dysphoria makes up 70% of referrals to gender identity clinics and referrals. 2021/2022 saw 5,000 referrals to the Tavistock GIDS (gender identity development service) compared to 250 in 2011/2012. The Tavistock is the largest gender clinic in the world.

There are also higher referral rates from areas where gender ideology is promoted in schools, a school-to-clinic pipeline. Just as people are coming forward suing the NHS for following this ideology and destroying their healthy bodies. Schools will also most likely also be held to account for their part.

The interim Case review

Recommended closure of the Tavistock due to unsafe and experimental treatment in Spring 2023. It states that not enough attention was given to other factors. That may lead a child to believe they ‘were born in the wrong body’. Such as autism, previous sexual abuse, internalized homophobia, and homophobic bullying. And that more psychological exploration is needed, instead of affirmation-only ‘treatment’ of the child’s stated gender.

Most children will eventually become comfortable in their bodies and the majority grow up to be gay or are autistic.

This psychological exploration is being termed by trans activists as being ‘conversion therapy’. But because many of these children grow up to be gay, it is actually gay conversion therapy.

Medical transitioning is a modern-day eugenic of gay and autistic children.

The following link is a harrowing tale about a family and their trans-identifying daughter

Gender Expression

Some go through body modifications to look like different sexes. So-called sex-reassignment surgery, including castration, and inversion of the penis to make a neovagina. (Basically, an open wound constantly trying to heal. So regular and often painful dilation is needed to stop it from closing). Phalloplasty (constructing a fake penis), a double mastectomy. ’top surgery. Breast implants, facial feminization operations of cheekbones, chin, jaw, and nose. Shaving of Adam’s apple, nullification surgery. (Removal of external genitals to give a smooth appearance with only an opening for urination).

Gender Ideology Taught In Schools
self-harm scars

(Note the self-harm scars in the above 2 photos. The first pic was used in a street ad for Pride Amsterdam.)

Sexual orientation is how a person feels sexually about different genders

Sexual orientation is about the SEX of the person you are attracted to, not gender. Many lesbians have found that they are now expected to admit men. Into their lesbian bars/festivals/dating apps. etc, if they say they are women. Many have been forced to shut down as a consequence.

Stonewall uses this definition. And in doing so completely rejects all the LGB people it was originally set up to campaign for. In fact, the CEO of Stonewall calls lesbians ‘sexual racists’ for not accepting men. Who says they are women, as sexual partners?

Gay groups have been set up as they no longer feel represented by Stonewall. Eg LGB Alliance, and Gay Men’s Network.

LGB Alliance have been taken to court by Mermaids (a trans charity). To have their charity status removed as Mermaids. But Mermaids say LGB are a hateful group set up to lobby against trans people.

What might transphobia look like?

People are being questioned and arrested by the police for stating biological facts. Eg a man cannot become a woman, men cannot be lesbians, and a woman does not have a penis. These facts are deemed transphobic by some. Being labelled transphobic is also used to silence/bully others to keep quiet.

Norwegian lesbian, Tonje Gjevjon, is under investigation for saying men cannot be lesbians and could be imprisoned.

Interview of Canadian nurse having a disciplinary hearing for believing in biology (12mins)

Some of the young women students raised concerns about convicted rapist, Adam Graham/Isla Bryson in 2021. When they were on a beauty course with him and were silenced by being called transphobic. He was then known as Annie. They had to undress in front of him for spray tan sessions.

They did not know that he was awaiting trial for rape. In the name of being kind to transgender people these young women, including teenagers. Had their boundaries eroded so much that they were told they were expected to strip in front of a man? (And a rapist in this case) as part of a college course. Where was the safeguarding? (Using a new name makes it harder to track criminals).

convicted rapist Adam Graham/Isla Bryson
convicted rapist Adam Graham/Isla Bryson

If biological facts are transphobic, then transphobia has lost any meaning. Believing in biology is now seen as a radical, extreme right-wing, and bigoted view.

The trans ‘umbrella’

Two of the largest groups under the umbrella are older men. Who are aroused by dressing as women (sexual fetish- auto gynephilia) and confused vulnerable teenage girls trying to escape womanhood. These 2 groups have little in common except perhaps their misogyny. One group hate women because they can never fully be one. And the other because they do not want to be one (internalized misogyny).

Many autogynephiles eroticize women’s bodily functions, eg menstruation, and breastfeeding.

Some auto autogynephiles admit that they became ‘trans’ after exposure to ‘sissy porn’. This is where men are forced to adopt the ‘female role’ and involves humiliating and degrading sexual practices.

Autogynephiles state that they make better women than biological women as they try harder and want more. The hatred for women saying no to them is vitriolic.

Other groups include drag queens (misogynistic portrayals of hyper-sexualised women). Furries (men, mostly, who dress as animals as a sexual fetish). ABDL (adult baby diaper lovers- fetishist adults who wear diapers. Many force their partners into looking after them as they would a baby), etc.

Pride marches have become a fetish display but are promoted as ‘family friendly’.


Fetishes used to be kept behind closed doors. Now public displays are celebrated as being ‘stunning and brave’. And everyone is supposed to go along with being part of this identity/fetish.

The most common paraphilias (fetishes) are paedophilia, voyeurism, Transvestic disorder (includes autogynephilia), and exhibitionism. Often, more than one paraphiliac disorder is present.

Unfortunately, the addition of TQ+ to LGB has allowed the addition of many fetishes. Many LGB people are worried that when the backlash inevitably comes, it will include them.

Gender Ideology Taught In Schools
paraphilias (fetishes) are paedophilia, voyeurism

Many believe that the ultimate goal of some activists is the acceptance of paedophilia. Gender ideology/queer theory promotes a disconnect between your body and your ‘real’ inner self. Distancing yourself from disagreeable family members, accepting a new ‘glitter’ family. Sexualizing children and promoting that children are able to consent to transitioning.  Therefore, they can consent to other things also.

Keeping children on puberty blockers for several years. Results in these children reaching the age of consent in pre-pubertal bodies- who benefits from this, other than paedophiles?

What changes can transgender people make?

Changing names and pronouns, officially or unofficially, creates many problems. Trans people are free to live however they wish; they already have all human rights. But they should not be able to compel the speech of others. This does not erase their existence. Their existence should not depend on others denying their own reality. And having to go along with the ‘transgender’ person’s feelings about themselves.

By changing official documentation, convicted criminals have a new identity which they do not have to disclose. And can escape DBS checks by not providing previous names. (Deemed too distressing for a trans person to have to divulge). This is a loophole for predators to exploit and escape safeguarding. These new documents are a legal fiction.

By changing the official sex marker. This results in not being called for routine health checks (eg smear tests, mammograms) which can be life-threatening.

Surgical transitioning involves experimental mutilating surgery. Many are left with complications such as infection, incontinence, sexual dysfunction, and fistulas.

Most ‘trans women’ (generally middle-aged men) retain their male genitalia. But advocate for easier access to surgery for children and young adults. This is done to validate their fetish. By saying that it is an innate identity needing transition. As early as possible to make life easier in the future. As earlier transition makes passing as the chosen sex more convincing.

Gender Recognition Act (GRA) 2004

The issues with changing your name and sex legally are stated above and are legal fiction. Lies should have no place in the law. Many say the GRA should therefore be repealed.

    No one can answer what living in the acquired gender involves, without resorting to regressive gendered stereotypes. What is living as a woman? Is it a change in hairstyle/clothing or having painted nails/using make-up/wearing high heels? Most women find these stereotypes demeaning and offensive, as it reduces women to a costume and, a feeling.

    Eddie Izzard in ‘girl mode’. He still takes acting roles in ‘boy mode’.
    Eddie Izzard in ‘girl mode’. He still takes acting roles in ‘boy mode’.
    Canadian teacher wearing fetish gear to school and involving children in his fetish. His school board fully support him.
    Canadian teacher wearing fetish gear to school and involving children in his fetish. His school board fully support him.
    Posting from women’s toilets is so validating and seems a popular place to take selfies for ‘trans women'
    Posting from women’s toilets is so validating and seems a popular place to take selfies for ‘trans women’

    Many women may never go back to gender-neutral toilets. This is the return of the ‘urinary leash’ that was a problem for Victorian women. (As public toilets were for men only then) and restricted them from public life.

    Posting from women’s toilets is so validating and seems a popular place to take selfies for ‘trans women’. I would not feel comfortable sharing a toilet with this man. And certainly would not want my daughter alone with him.

    Decent men would feel uncomfortable if they are alone in a toilet with say. A 12-year-old girl, both having to use a gender-neutral toilet. However, some men, who think they are women, enjoy (and demand) eroding women’s boundaries and making women feel uncomfortable. Trans activists never advocate for their own 3rd space, as this is not validating.

    Gender ideology taught in schools has also implemented gender-neutral toilets. There are many stories of girls who feel so uncomfortable using them. That they will not drink all day to avoid using these toilets or avoid school if they are menstruating. Not drinking adequate fluids or not passing urine can cause serious health problems. (Eg urinary infections) and not changing sanitary wear for a prolonged length of time. Puts them at risk of toxic shock syndrome (which can be fatal).

    Gender Recognition Certificate

    Trans activists lobby for the requirements of obtaining a GRC (Gender Recognition Certificate). To be made easier so that trans people can effectively self-ID. This is what has been proposed in Scotland. It is often stated by trans activists that many other countries have self-ID and there have been no issues. This is false because these men are now classed as women. Therefore, there is no way of measuring their crimes because they are being recorded as being committed by women.

    What does non-binary mean?

    Non-binary is defined as having neither a male nor female gender. No one would describe their characteristics as totally conforming to having only stereotypical masculine or feminine traits. Therefore, everyone is non-binary by this definition. This does not need a label.

    Those that do need this label are very special indeed and expect those around them to recognize their special feelings. Eg Sam Smith, who managed to destroy the female and male best artists category at the Brit awards. Because he said he could not accept either, being either male or female.

    There is now a single ‘Best Artist’ category as a result. This year no women were nominated for best artist, and Sam Smith thinks this ‘is a shame’.

    As a result of having this single category instead of the previous two. 4 female artists have lost the chance to have the valuable exposure and publicity that a Brit nomination brings.

    Christie Elan-Cane, who identifies as non-binary, campaigned to have gender-neutral passports. She lost her Supreme Court case in 2021. Where she challenged the government to allow gender-neutral passports for those who do not identify as male or female. She said having to mark a box for male or female was ‘really degrading’. The Supreme Court unanimously dismissed her case.

    Cisgender definition and flags

    ‘Cisgender’ is used to describe women who have a gender identity of the female. Which aligns with their ‘sex assigned at birth.’

    Many women find being defined as cisgender hugely insulting. This is because it is making them a subset of their own sex class. It allows for the following- if human females can only be girls or women. If women are cis or trans, then trans women are a type of woman and are female.

    Gender ideology states that all people have a gender identity. Which may (=cis) or may not (=trans) aligns with their sex. Many people who do not agree with gender ideology reject being defined as cis. And reject being told that everyone has a gender identity.

    The flag for cis is particularly uninspiring ie shades of grey. So who would want to be a boring old cis? This is a powerful tool used to attract children, who would obviously gravitate towards something bright and colourful.

    The transgender pink, blue and white flag was invented by Robert Hogge (known as Monica Helms). A cross-dressing fetishist, who stole women’s underwear and published stories including one about marrying a girl who never ages. The baby pink, baby blue and white colours have been used as symbols on pro-paedophile sites, which pre-dates the flag. In some European towns advertising child sex/trafficking, blue curtains are used for a male child and pink for a girl.

    Embracing diversity

    ‘Use appropriate pronouns’. – Gender Ideology Taught In Schools

    This is compelled speech and enforces others to deny the reality of their eyes. It also has safeguarding issues as men are much more likely to be sexual predators than women. And if we use female pronouns for them, this results in a perceived reduction in risk.

    The lawyers for Isla Bryson stated that rape was a male crime. And as Isla is not a male, then ‘she’ is not a risk. Also, he was vulnerable as he was transitioning, which ‘goes a long way to acquitting her of these charges’.

    When women’s rights campaigners argue for single-sex spaces. And feel compelled to use the wrong pronouns to ‘be kind’, their arguments are made to look ridiculous. For example, if they are arguing for ‘her’ to be kept out of a female prison. It does not make sense. If correct pronouns are used, then the argument is clear; that HE does not belong in a female prison.  

    The impact on other pupils in school when one pupil uses such pronouns is discussed in the interim Cass Review. It is not a neutral act and pushes the child towards future transitioning medically or surgically. It forces children around them to deny reality and their boundaries. They are lies enforced by trusted adults.

    IPSO (Independent Press Standards Organization) code of practice for the UK press. Essentially uses gender identity instead of sex, which leads to many misleading headlines. And sometimes will not even mention that the person is actually of a different sex. This leads to rapes, sexual offences, child abuse, etc being wrongly attributed to women, and misinforming the public.

    ‘Use gender-neutral language’.

    This seems to impact women only with the use of terms such as cervix-haver. People who menstruate, uterus Havers, and chestfeeding. This is not only insulting, dehumanizing and degrading to women but dangerous. When women of low education, or where English is not their first language, are faced with these terms. They may not understand that this is referring to them and therefore may not be attending important health screening.

    Sadly, the NHS is captured by gender ideology taught in schools. And is erasing women and our words.

    NHS is captured by gender ideology
    NHS is captured by gender ideology
    NHS People Have Periods
    NHS People Have Periods

    (Breaking women down to body parts enables the growing surrogacy industry, where women are ‘testators. Rich celebrities take advantage of poor women to avoid the inconvenience and risk of going through pregnancy. Gay couples and even single men can order babies if they have the money. Humans are bought and sold. Babies are taken from their mothers at birth. Even puppies are allowed to stay with their mothers for 8 weeks before being sold. This industry has few guidelines in some countries, resulting in women being coerced by partners to make money through surrogacy.)

    Use evolving and not dated language

    This evolving language involves removing words such as transvestite, and trans people, and grouping them together as transgender. These were previously two distinct categories. Transvestites were more likely to be fetishists (autogynephiles). And trans people were more likely to have gender dysphoria and pursue medical treatments. Transgender includes both these groups and confuses people as many believe that ‘trans women’ have had genital surgery. When actually most (95%), especially autogynephiles, have no intention of ever removing their genitals.

    Evolving language hides the horrific reality of surgeries done. Eg ‘top surgery’ instead of a double mastectomy, and ‘bottom surgery’ for castration/phalloplasty/vaginoplasty.

    ‘Neopronouns’ are evolving language, and we are told to accept such pronouns as ze/zir/xe/xem/xyr. This is unworkable and ridiculous. And are part of the gender ideologies taught in schools.

    Schools, workplaces etc are told to avoid saying ‘boys/girls’. And ‘ladies/gentlemen’ in favour of students or colleagues.

    Maternity wards are instructed to remove the word mother in favour of the birthing person. And use chestfeeding instead of breastfeeding. This is further erasure of words relating to women only and deeply insulting to all mothers.

    Signposting support- Brook and Childline

    Both these organisations are, unsurprisingly, captured by gender ideology.

    Brook, uses terminology such as ‘assigned male/female at birth’, gender identity, cisgender. It refers readers to Gendered Intelligence and Stonewall for further information. These are trans activist groups.

    Childline discusses the use of breast binders (to flatten breasts, which is a form of child abuse). Gaffs (for the taping of male genitals). And packers (to give girls an outward appearance of male genitals- available for small children too!).

    gaffs (for the taping of male genitals) and packers (to give girls an outward appearance of male genitals
    gaffs (for the taping of male genitals) and packers (to give girls an outward appearance of male genitals

    Breast binders can cause pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, skin infections, spine changes, and fractured ribs. Some schools have policies to allow girls wearing these to have frequent breaks in sports lessons due to breathing restrictions. Childline states that bullying includes ‘refusing to use your pronouns’. The many genders are given definitions and stated as facts.

    Homosexuality is defined as being attracted to someone of the same GENDER. Cisgender is a term used. It suggests you may wish to see a doctor to get medication or change how you look.

    Gender ideology taught in schools is extremely problematic. It is based on an ideology which is hugely contested. Unscientific, not based in reality, and confusing to children. And intentionally destroying gay rights, and women’s rights and exposing children to harmful content.

    What are trans rights?

    Trans people can live however they please. They have the same human rights as everyone else. (Education, employment, benefits, freedom of movement, freedom from torture or slavery, right to privacy, etc)

    What they are asking for is the right to access women’s single-sex spaces. And to allow their self-proclaimed identity to override their biological sex in all circumstances.

    There are about 20 countries that allow self-ID. The women there have lost their right to single-sex spaces and cannot even fight to get them back. This is due to the erasure of their sex class. Men who say they are women will always be included as women.

    Trans activists also want easier access to treatment for transitioning, including for minors.

    They are supported by powerful and rich lobby groups and individuals. Who have been influencing governments and organisations to enforce their agenda for decades. This is a top-down enforcement of social change by influencing laws behind the scenes by a small group of men. This is totally different to the gay rights movement. Which was a public grassroots social justice movement that changed people’s minds through debate and reasoning. The trans activists falsely project themselves as a social justice movement. Similar to the gay rights and black civil rights movements. They have forced teaming themselves with LGB and Black Lives Matter movements, as displayed on the ‘progress’ pride flag.

    Social justice movements have always sought equal rights as others. Not to force their way into another oppressed group and destroy their rights.

    Men, who say they are women, demand access to hard-won rights and spaces. Needed for the safety and dignity of a group historically oppressed by men, is not social justice.

    The Trans Rights movement is a Men’s Sexual Rights movement. It aims to erase women in law and destroy safeguards.

    The recent census (2021) shows that ‘trans’ people make up a very small percentage of the population, around 0.5%. Is it reasonable to suspend all social norms regarding how we treat biological genders? And the right to single-sex spaces for this small percentage? They certainly are a powerful group with the influence they have managed so far.

    The following is a YouTube video about the dystopian capture of the United Nations. This ideology and the gradual erasure of women by the UN from the 1990s (29mins). It is vital viewing.

    The following is a topical article on how the Scottish government was ideologically captured by trans activists.


    A recent New York Post article reported how the powerful Pritzker family have pushed gender ideology into USA policy.


    What is gender identity and when does it develop?

    There is no scientific evidence for gender identity. No one can prove they are trans. It is a self-proclamation based on your ‘special feelings’ about your gender. Gender identity is impossible to define without using gender stereotypes, which have been oppressive to women forever. It teaches that your inner feelings matter more than the biological reality of your sexed body. And if you feel discomfort about your wrong-sexed body, then it can simply be altered. Some believe that because it is innate, you are born with a gender identity. Babies can tell us they are trans by pulling out hairclips if they are born a girl. Or by pulling on their poppers to make their onesie look more like a dress. If they are born a boy.

    Gender identity is not fact-based.

    John Money (1921-2006) is known as the father of gender identity. He was a sexologist and psychologist. In 1966, he performed sex reassignment on one of his twin boys. Who had a botched circumcision and convinced the parents to raise him as a girl. He published many papers reporting the reassignment as successful. From the age of 6, he made the boys perform sexual rehearsal plays and watch pornography. As he believed this would help them develop healthy adult gender identities. Both boys died by suicide as adults.

    Stonewall claim that children as young as 2 have a gender identity. Therefore nursery school children need to be taught about this topic. Their recommended reading list for nursery schools includes a book titled ‘Are You a Boy or are you a Girl?’.

    Child psychology explains that children explore and experiment with their identity growing up. We do not tell a child to jump off a building if they think they are Superman. Neither should we fix a child into any claimed gender identity. By telling them that certain toys/clothes/hobbies define their sex or encourage any transitioning. Most children grow out of these phases.

    Trans activists claim that everyone has a gender identity, whether cis or trans. This is not true. Most people know that they have a sexed body that cannot be changed. And that their sex should not define their character or interests. Or limit the expression of their personality in whatever way they choose.

    Do ‘trans women’ belong in women-only spaces?


    Teenage boys can beat women’s world records. This is because male puberty gives men stronger muscles, longer bones, greater lung capacity, greater explosive force, etc. The average woman has ½ the upper body strength and 2/3 the lower body strength of the average man.

    Testosterone-lowering methods used by ‘trans women’ can never fully eradicate these advantages.

    Allowing ‘trans women’ into sports results in the destruction of women’s records, women losing sports awards/monetary prizes/sponsorship deals/college scholarships, etc.

    Exceptional women are forced to give way to mediocre men. Lia Thomas (formerly William Thomas) was ranked 462 as a man. Then became ranked 1 as a female in USA University swimming. He would hold back in some races to show that he could be beaten and did not have an advantage!

    It also demonstrates to women and girls that their long hours of training and effort are wasted. And they should accept that they can never win, all in the name of being kind.

    Another consequence it that girls and women are expected to strip in front of boys and men. Who think they are of different sex, in their female changing rooms. This is sexual abuse.

    Powerful Youtube talk by the mother of a swimmer who swam against ‘trans woman’ Lia Thomas. Speaking anonymously to protect her daughter (17 mins)

    Swimmer, Riley Gaines, gives a statement to protect women’s sports in the above link. She swam against Lia Thomas (3 mins).

    Trans identifying males, winning in womes sport
    Trans-identifying males, winning in women’s sport


    Forcing imprisoned women to share locked cells with violent rapists, and identifying as women, is state-sanctioned torture. Women prisoners have been raped and impregnated because of this policy.

    If you are prioritising the feelings of these convicted rapists over the safety of vulnerable women. Who cannot escape, then this is the result. Many women in prison have been victims of male violence.

    When deciding about trans policy in Scottish prisons. The group ‘Women in Prison’ gave the advice that contraception should be provided. Not that these men should not be in women’s prisons.

    Some women refuse to use the prison shower facilities to avoid the naked, semi-aroused men walking around the shower area.

    Trans policies in some women’s prisons include punishing women for misgendering ‘trans women’. Eg longer prison time, loss of visitor rights, solitary confinement, and loss of getting parole.

    Women are forced to state the pronouns of their attacker in court. This is causing more trauma and gaslighting to the victims.

    The lawyer for Isla Bryson/Adam Graham stated that as he was transitioning. He should no longer be viewed as a predatory male and this should go some way. To acquit ‘her’ of the charges of rape.

    There are cases where men, claim a trans identity. Have had lighter/ no punishment because of their ‘vulnerability and difficulties due to being trans.

    Trans activists (and the Scottish government in their recent debate over gender reform). State that men taking advantage of self-id would never happen, however, the following article shows that it does, many times.


    Men should not be allowed in any single-sex space. Eg rape crisis centres, or women’s changing room facilities. (Pornhub has a section for Primark changing rooms of girls and women secretly filmed while changing. As the shop allows self-id into the women’s changing rooms). women’s swim and gym-only sessions, etc.

    Some women never return to these spaces once men are allowed. Especially women of certain faiths and victims of male violence. These women are quietly dissenting, but no one is able to measure this. Therefore we are told that there is no problem with ‘trans women’ in women’s spaces.

    Even if some women claim to not mind these men in their previous single-sex spaces, consent is non-transferable.

    Many women want to be kind. However, most women do not understand how some men can be driven by their fetishes. And can revolve their whole lives around them. They may even enter professions for easier access, eg sex scandals. Involving the Catholic church, sports coaches, medical professionals, and teachers.

    The recent census survey (2021)

    Gives us an idea of the numbers of ‘trans’ people for the first time. Because we also know the numbers for the prison population and their offences. We can see the likelihood of sexual offences amongst, men, ‘trans women’ and women, which are. 1 in 295,000 women, 1 in 2,530 men, and 1 in 522 ‘trans women’ are convicted of sex offences. (Half of Scottish ‘trans women’ prisoners transitioned after conviction, and many transitioned back to men on release).

    This clearly shows that men who say they are women. Are about 5 times more likely than men to be sex offenders.

    (19% of men in prison are sex offenders compared to 48% of ‘trans women’.)

    Trans activists need to consider this and declare whether they think men are using trans identities as a cover. For their offences, or that trans people are more likely to be sexual offenders. Either way does not look good for them.

    It also justifies women’s need to have single-sex spaces. As these are men that women need to be even more wary of.

    Men who have issues with their gender identity and dress in a non-conforming way exist. However, it is not for women, some vulnerable and fearful of men. To have to deal with them invading their single-sex spaces, which were hard fought for and are essential.

     It is for men to accept their fellow, non-conforming men into their male-only spaces.

    Should children transition?

    Medical and surgical transition is experimental. The guidelines that quickly spread to influence many countries are known as ‘the Dutch Protocol’. The studies were sponsored by the pharmaceutical company that made puberty blockers.

    These guidelines have recently been shown to be seriously flawed, as in the following article


    ‘the harm that the Dutch protocol unleashed on the world is becoming increasingly recognised’.

    WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health) is a self-regulated body founded in 1979. Many senior members are trans-identifying. There have been concerns for a long time that they are more of a lobby group. Than being driven by medical evidence. Their standards of care are often used as guidance for transgender care around the world.

    It has come under scrutiny following recent guidelines which include the removal of minimum ages for irreversible treatments. Ignoring mental ill health, including the new identity of ‘eunuch’. (which references ‘The Eunuch Archive’, a website including sadistic stories of forced castration of boys).

    Can children consent to irreversible treatments which will render them sterile? Have no sexual function, and cause long term health-effects still being discovered. Eg increased cancer risk, loss of bone density, and increased cardiovascular disease?

    Parents are quoted, false suicidal risks by healthcare professionals and trans charities. To frighten them into going along with the transition, saying. ‘Would you rather have a living son or a dead daughter?’.

    They will be lifelong medical patients needing hormones and treatments for problems resulting from the transition. This has produced millions for the pharmaceutical industry in the USA and profited many doctors.

    Should we introduce Self-ID?

    This is the removal of any need for a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria. And accepting anyone’s gender on their say-so. We have seen the serious issues that this causes in prisons.

    It also impacts many other areas eg the ability to request same-sex intimate care in hospitals. To have single-sex hospital wards, strip searching of women by a same-sex police officer. ‘Trans women’ insisting on being strip-searched by women officers, entry into single-sex spaces, etc.

    It removes the ability to have any single-sex spaces. Or to ever be able to campaign for one again because men can always identify with it.

    The inspiring Kellie-Jay Keen/ Posie Parker illustrates the impacts of self-ID (25mins)

    Some activists are not so keen on removing a medical diagnosis. As they realise that not having one removes the ability to request medical transitioning treatments in their healthcare system. Any transitioning has to then be privately pursued as it becomes a cosmetic issue.

    Unfortunately, due to EDI training received by gender ideology groups in all our institutions. Businesses, NHS, police forces, etc, and many organisations believe that self-ID is the law in this country.

    Stonewall is one such group. Its aims are to scrutinise organisations for their LGBT inclusion rather than referring to the Equality Act. It charges organisations for training not in keeping with the law, but the ‘Stonewall’ law which promotes self-id. Some people who have dissented in their workplace have lost their jobs. There have been many court cases where individuals have had to fight against gender ideology in workplaces, and universities. Etc to uphold what is in the law already because organisations are following ‘Stonewall’ law.

    Examples of court cases

    Many people, especially women are silenced, for fear of losing their jobs. Others have left their jobs because of the enforcement of this ideology. Women that speak up for women’s rights and the safeguarding of children are sent death and rape threats. These are from the ‘be kind’ brigade.

    The trans movement has become a cover for misogynists. Giving such men a seemingly legitimate excuse to insult and denigrate women.

    What is the difference being identifying as a different gender compared to a different age/species/race?

    These all involve the denial of reality. Most are regarded as insulting, eg blackface, except for ‘womanface’, which is celebrated. This is a Men’s Sexual Rights movement.

    Mr Menno explains simple biology to the tune of YMCA (5mins)

    ‘Transage’ is being promoted in some places. These people state that children cannot be paedophiles. And as a trans-age person can be a child, they, therefore, are not a paedophile.

    Detransitioners and the Transgender cult

    More and more young people who transitioned are deciding to detransition, realising that they have made a terrible mistake. Some have made surgical modifications to their body. And find it hard to believe that all the trusted adults. Around them allowed this to happen to them when many were just children. They were also promised that the whole world would go along with their fantasy.

    Their previous ‘glitter’ trans family abandon them and often throw insults and claim they were never really trans.

    Some detransitioners have publicly and bravely spoken out about what they describe as a cult. With mantras, unquestioning beliefs, ‘no debate’ allowed, preying on the vulnerable and those that do not ‘fit in’. Separating children from their families, grooming and indoctrinating children, vilification of those that leave the cult.

    Some detransitioners are suing doctors. And other healthcare professionals enabled their transition without fully warning them of risks, therefore invalidating any consent.

    The brave Chloe Cole, 18-year-old de-transitioner-

    Why are Trans-only groups allowed, but LGB-only groups vilified?

    The T was added to LGB several years ago. As gender ideology actually works to convert gay people to transition. Some LGB people realise that adding the T was forced teaming that they strongly oppose.

    Stonewall originally campaigned for gay rights. Which it very successfully managed, but instead of winding up the organisation when gay rights were largely won. It accepted a monetary incentive to add the ‘T’ in 2015. It has received many donations since and profited hugely from its misinforming workplace scheme.

    Lesbians were early casualties of adding the T.

    The CEO of Stonewall calls lesbians ‘sexual racists’ for not accepting ‘trans women’ in their dating pool. Young lesbians, having their first sexual relationships, are coerced into accepting men who think they are women. Workshops have taken place advising ‘trans women’ on how to break the ‘cotton ceiling’ (ie get into lesbians’ underwear). Lesbians are barely mentioned in Stonewall literature anymore. Lesbians are more likely to be harassed, attacked and removed from Pride marches these days.

    Older queer people of all genders are horrified at what is happening to gay youth. And know that if they had been born a few decades later. They too would probably have been convinced to transition.

    Speech by Joanna Cherry, SMP and a lesbian. In parliament about the importance of sexual orientation under the Equality Act (11mins)

    Strangely, the main group that has a sexual preference for biological women is never accused of bigotry, ie heterosexual men. This is a Men’s Sexual Rights movement after all.

    Mermaids is a charity that supports trans children which had had celebrity endorsements and received money from the National Lottery. It heavily influenced treatment protocols at the Tavistock Clinic.

    It is currently under investigation by the Charities Commission. There have been issues regarding safeguarding, amongst other problems:

    1. Breast binders have been sent to young girls without parental consent; breast binding is a form of child abuse.
    2. their online chatrooms have discussed how 13-year-olds could raise money for hormone treatment
    3. One of their trustees (Jacob Breslow) has spoken at a pro-paedophilia talk in the past.
    4.  A member of their team (digital engagement officer, Darren Mew). Has posed dressed as a ‘sexy schoolgirl’ and posted this online. And has explicit photographs of himself in an ‘art porn’ magazine; he has also accompanied vulnerable children on residential trips
    5. One of their current patrons, Munroe Bergdorf. (Trans-identifying male and a porn model), was removed as an ambassador. For NSPCC because of encouraging vulnerable children to message him privately.

    Mermaids are referred to by schools and other organisations for support for gender-questioning children.

    Trans ‘widows’

    A much-neglected group, also casualties of the transgender movement, are trans widows. These are women whose husbands or male partners have transitioned later in life. Their transition often coincides with their daughter’s going through puberty, eg Caitlyn Jenner.

    Some women leave their partners after their declarations of wanting to be the other sex. But those that stay are gaslit into stating that they now have a wife and are in a lesbian relationship.  Any children are also forced to go along with the new identity of their father. And the psychological damage is long-lasting.

    Free Speech and Gender Ideology

    Women who speak up against the harms of gender ideology. Receive threats of rape and death and risk losing their jobs. This is a warning to silence others. Women gathering to talk about gender ideology are protested against. (Sometimes harassed and attacked) and in many cases, meetings are cancelled. Trans activists are very afraid of anyone hearing what women have to say.

    A showing of the following film, ‘Adult Human Female’. Was cancelled due to protests by trans activists at Edinburgh University on December 22 (90 mins)

    Unfortunately, universities, which should be places of free speech, discussion and debate, have bowed down to authoritarian ideologues. This does not bode well for future generations.

    Konstantin Kisin’s (comedian and podcaster) viral video of the speech at Oxford Union on woke culture on Jan 23 (9 mins)

    University professors have left academia because of the loss of free speech. Many others are too scared to speak up in the workplace.

    Teacher suing for unfair dismissal after raising safeguarding concerns over ‘trans’ pupil.


    MP with advice for schools teaching gender ideology

    The teaching of any gender ideology to children because it is harmful, indoctrination. The DfE has guidelines stating that the facts and laws about gender identity be taught. There is no law on ‘gender identity’. It also states that evidence be used from credible resources. The wording in the guidance has disastrously allowed political and ideological organisations into schools. Such as Jigsaw, Educate and Celebrate, and The Proud Trust; these are not credible resources.

    It is also illegal to promote partisan political views. 

    Gender identity, developed from Queer theory, is not based on any factual evidence. And is completely unscientific as it is based on a person’s subjective feelings. It destabilises reality and teaches that your sex does not matter. Only your gender; that you can be born in the wrong body which can be ‘fixed’. These are lies told to children by trusted adults. This is the grooming of children into lowering their boundaries. Ignoring their instincts, and not believing their own eyes to accept these special men as women.

    Sadly, many institutions are captured by gender ideology.

    More and more people are seeing through this falsehood and realising the damage it is doing. It is up to all these people to speak up and reject this ideology. Especially those who have children in their care. Keeping silent is complicity.

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