160 CHARITIES exposed. campaign groups and NGO’s have condemned Priti Patel, about the deal with Rwanda. Which entails shipping migrants abroad to get processed. The deal took place over many months. which has now been agreed at a trial at a cost of £120 million as opposed to £1.285 billion annually. The Irony is, that they called the government out, for spending this MONEY when the UK’s cost of living is rising. This is a pathetic excuse. And is a cover to stop British citizens finally asking questions.

These are the charities with the most to lose financially, some have been actively encouraging the migrants to cross the channel. Whilst other have been training them on how to act and what to say when they arrive. Even though most of the left would love the situation to continue. It is simply not viable, both logistically and financially. To both the British government and its rightful citizens

TRUTH 160 CHARITIES EXPOSED BECAUSE THIS IS ABOUT MONEY and has zero to do with migrants, famine or war. I’ve been saying for two years now, finally the deal which Priti Patel has done, will expose the corruption and greed amongst these charities and so called campaigns groups, who collectively pocket MILLIONS of British pounds

These 160 charities have been ignoring the poverty and suffering on their own soil, because its not worth as much financially. As they would actually have to pay out and be seen doing something about it! Instead the campaign about migrants, and pocket a of of money for themselves.

When was the last time you saw them in the streets of Britain, campaigning for Britain?


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