The Family Sex Show

The so called, Family Sex Show has been cancelled following outrage from parents. This Egg Theatre company claimed the show was suitable for children aged five and upwards. The Theatre show urges children to sketch genitals, explore sexual pleasures, sex, sexuality and gender pronouns.

This Egg theatre company were happy to admit the following: ‘There is nakedness yes. At one point in the show, everyone on stage takes their clothes off to the level they feel comfortable to. For some people, that’s taking off all of their clothes and being completely naked.’

The Company receives funding from the Arts Council for England.

Over 40,000 parents signed a petition and called for the show to be cancelled.

Theatre company, This Egg issued a statement. “These public performances would have offered safe and positive learning to children, young people and guardians about rights, bodies, sex and relationships, advised by safeguarding and educational specialists.

“The decision has been made by venues to cancel the tour of The Family Sex Show this Spring 2022. There will be performances for an invited audience at The Egg, Theatre Royal Bath ahead of subsequent public performances in the future.

Actor, campaigner and Reclaim party founder, Laurence Fox called the cancellations ‘a win for parents protecting their children.’

The show was due to premier at The Tobacco Factory Theatres.

By Lucy

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