The French authorities are taking the micky! As a French warship ORDERS P & O cross-Channel ferry to change course. So it can escort small boats containing 90 economic migrants. And hand them over to Britain because basically, they can’t be arsed

French authorities are taking the micky!
French authorities are taking the micky!

This happened on Easter Sunday at 10:27 am, apparently due to fog, but if this was the case. How did the French warship captain, know where they were?

The warship A602 had been on search and rescue operations. To find migrant dinghies leaving the coast near the port of Gravelines. Since 5:30 am Sunday.

As usual though, instead of turning back their dangerously overcrowded rubber boats. Back to France, the warship and its crew can be seen escorting them into British waters. For our own border force vessels to pick them up.

This is absolutely outrageous and seems the money paid to France is laundering Tory funds and funding Macron’s lifestyle. We should send NO more money until they do their job.

The disaster that the Tories have placed on Britain is monumental. We don’t seem to have any border at all. Leaving an open goal for criminals and terrorists just to enter our country and do as they like with little or no consequence. it has been reported that we now have closer to 1900 terrorists living in Britain on the government’s terror list.

When is our government going to take action against those who hate Britain? And permanently remove us from the foreign intervention grip. Including leaving the UN Refugee Convention, any refugee pacts and the human rights courts. That is strangling Britain. We cannot continue, on the destructive path they have set us on!

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