Migrants housed on these barges to get five-star luxury, only most Brits could dream or hope for.

The council in charge of the Bibby Stockholm in Portland Dorset, is set to receive a grant of £380,000 and will be paid by the Home Office £3,500 per migrant, who will be housed on the barge.

The grant will be used to provide FREE activities to keep the migrants occupied, these include, cycling, hiking, festival excursions, and cricket, as well as a top-of-the-range sports centre and gym on board. This luxury also included a chef available 24 hours a day.

This barge is far from a prison as the left screwballs claim, the migrants will be allowed to come and go with a free bus service every hour, with free taxis laid on if they miss the last bus.

So what’s on offer really for these so-called MOSTLY male economic migrants?

  • Free travel including private taxis
  • Free hotel and board
  • Free food (Unlimited) I.e. no budget
  • Free clothing voucher on the arrival of up to £500
  • Free Gas and Electricity
  • Free government phone
  • Free WIFI
  • Free laptop in some cases
  • Free healthcare and immediate appointments
  • Free eye tests
  • Free legal aid
  • Free prescriptions
  • Free days out
  • Free protection from the police and Serco including the home office
  • Free interpreters
  • Free lawyers
  • Free money topped up each week on an Aspen card

This list isn’t exhausted I suspect many more free services and items.

So as you can see the Home Office has literally advertised the UK as a free for all. With the numbers 2023 already topping 14,000. The current broke asylum bill costs well over £3 BILLION a year. With the hotel bill of £6 million a day. And that’s just an estimate, on our government’s website.

The worst thing is, is that they are being prioritized over those who are legally entitled to live in Britain. This included over ONE MILLION on the housing register. Who is being pushed to the back of the queue, to make room for these criminals? Who is playing the system, aided and abetted by NGOs? refugee charities and the woke left. Who is ALL profiting from trafficking, in some form or another? In my opinion, they are playing a key role in the demise of our country. This is simply optics and greed. They don’t care or love this country which has given them the freedom to hate. They don’t care about their inhabitants and in most cases don’t even care about the migrants themselves. This has been and always will be about greed, power, control, and ignorance.

Of course, the left will say I’m racist

But the simple fact is I’m not. I don’t hate the economic migrants for using the loopholes. Which have deliberately been created since the demonic Labour leader Tony Blair’s reign. Which opened Britain up to corruption and debauchery.

My problem is, is that these large numbers of people making these dangerous crossings do so through many safe countries. And with a CV the civil service advertise, is it any wonder. What would you do to get to a country which treats you like royalty? And everything in your dreams is free?

The new Illegal Migration Bill

Should change the laws in practice. Making it clear if you enter this country illegally you will be shipped back. But why has Border Force, stopped charging these chancers as illegals and criminals? Is the government just using smoke and mirror for election purposes?

The truth is

With the cost-of-living crisis and the lack of housing for our own. These numbers simply cannot continue year after year. The pressure on services, health, housing, education, and welfare simply cannot cope. It is time to take back control and close the border completely. Even if that means armed patrols in the channel and war with France. We are reaching breaking point and the most sensible of the general public have simply had enough.

To do this we must take back control of our country.

Which means dismissing all international laws and guidance, removing all Arcadian refugee pacts, and exiting the 1951 UN refugee convention. Along with creating our own human rights charter. And removing the stranglehold that the European courts of human rights have over us. They do not serve our country and put all foreigners as first priority. While we are part of this corruption the UK will never strive forward.

The globalists, including WEF, are running the show.

And it’s time we said no more. If the MPs won’t back our country, then collectively we will have to work together to remove them. And replace them with someone who will, this isn’t limited to removing corruption from West Minister. Who seem to have forgotten who they work for and are too busy filling their and their friend’s bank accounts.

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Migrants housed on these barges to get FIVE-star luxury

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