Plans are been put into place, by Boris Johnson and the Home Office, to fly migrants to Rwanda for processing and resettlement, these plans still remain a closely guarded secret, including the deal with Rwanda officials and the cost to UK taxpayers.

In recent years, it is clear that activists believe the UK, has a bottomless pit of cash, and accommodation to put up the migrants. most of which are fleeing from France across the English Channel to Dover, where they are greeted by, either Border Force, or Kent RNLI.

So far it is cost, as verified by the Government, £5 million pounds per day to house migrants in hotels and other accommodation, excluding those who are fleeing the WAR in Ukraine. To put that into better perspective, it is estimated at costing £1,825 BILLION per year, and that’s just the expenses, we are been told about.

Year end 2021, the Home Office said the figures were approximately 28,000, that had arrived, however TW Media, who is an independent journalist, stood tirelessly in all weathers, live streaming and counting the arrivals at the Tug Haven in Dover, on a daily basis, including collecting figures from Ramsgate, Dungeness and other confirmed beach landings, from valid on the ground sources.

TW MEDIA’S figures are at 32,184. Main stream media and the HOME OFFICE, can’t argue with these numbers, as they can re-watch the live content on TW’s YouTube channel, and count them for themselves. Click button below.

It’s now April 2022. And already at least 5000 migrants have landed on the Kent shore of which they have completed the processed. The only thing keeping these numbers steady, is the bad weather.

There’s a lot of ridiculous support for open borders, by known activists, NGOs, and refugee charities. They seem to have taken leave of their senses. When these companies are challenged, about the logistics of both financial and social effects of mass immigration. Including accommodation, rehousing, schools, and the already crippled NHS, all you get, is the sound of crickets.

It’s evident that these organisations, who used to be for the greater good and for humanity, are all about money. Creating many internal jobs within their bubble, to share their tax free ill-gotten wealth

No one with a sense of decency and moral compass, wants anyone to suffer from wars or famine. But now there are now, about 166 THOUSAND charities in the UK. With a staggering annual turnover of just under £48bn.

It’s time for the government to reign them in, and investigate each and every one of them. To pull resources and cut those who are a mirrored image of a charity. When in true reality of fact they are a scam, pulling at human heart strings to create a fast profit. I’m not saying all charities are bad, but 166,000 is ridiculous.

Home Office, Rwanda And MigrantsThis is an image of migrants arriving in dover, brought to shore by the UK's border force
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The UK is a very welcoming country, but we have lost sight of our own people. It’s time this government or any other future government, put the citizens of the UK and Ireland first. Instead of pandering to every international cause and and giving away billions of our own money. Without question, or even asking its own people.

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