The last two years have been dreadful and a drain of emotions, regardless of those, who believe covid is real or not, jobs have been lost, economies have been trashed, and businesses gone forever.

It saddens me, following many social media platforms, that some people are still pushing, the covid agenda, are those, selling masks, testing kits, and even profits from the vaccines themselve. It’s pretty immoral to make profits from peoples fear and uncertainty.

The data from SPECTATOR LIVE clearly shows that covid is as steady as the normal flu or cold, with most hospitalisations, NOT related to covid, but other medical matters entirely.

It’s time to stop with the hysteria and to get on with our lives, no one is saying precautions can’t still be taken, but this will be down to individuals, most who I believe are suffering from a case of hypochondriac, brainwashed, by the likes of the BBC and main stream media propaganda.

Covid-19 has resulted in extremely high levels of public spending. The Current estimates of the cost of Government measures announced by PM Boris Johnson, so far have ranged from about £310 to £410 billion, this is the average of about £4,600 to £6,100 per person in the UK. And who do you think, will be paying this money back, it certainly won’t be the government.

As most will be aware The Labour Party, has stood dormant, almost ignorant to the practices and regulations, The Conservative Party, has been forcing, onto its citizens. These past few years, its felt like no opposition has existed, leading to the conclusion, good or bad, that the Labour Party have Been complicit, so any investigation, into unfair practices or laws broken, solely lies at the feet of BOTH parties.

In comparison to other countries, I think the British public, have handled the pandemic with grace and compassion, and should be applauded for their strong will and strength, each individual has shown, when situations occur, you can see the best and worst in people, i’m very proud of the general public, and how they have conducted themselves though this entire crisis.

With regards to mask wearing, this again is people’s individual choice, and those who choose to wear or not to wear, should not be ostracised for their choices, though I do wish those lonely drivers, and people walking outside would remove them, and breath fresh air into their lungs.

whether you like it or not covid is here to stay permanently, so it’s time to buckle down and get on with life, stop with the panic and smile.

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