Another day has dawned upon us where the roads in Dover are in a gridlock state. As huge queues of Easter holidaymakers. Could be waiting up to 2 hours to board a ferry. Drivers have been advised to bring supplies as the queues and wait times. Could be longer as the afternoon and evening draw closer.

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The Port of Dover is one of the busiest ports in Europe. A key gateway for trade and travel between the UK and continental Europe. The port handles around 17% of the UK’s goods trade. On average, around 10,000 lorries pass through the port every day.

However, the introduction of new customs checks. And paperwork requirements following the UK’s exit from the European Union in January 2021. Has caused some delays and congestion at the border crossing points. In addition, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has led to increased health checks and testing requirements for passengers and drivers. Entering and leaving the country, which has also contributed to delays.

To address traffic congestion and reduce delays. The UK government has announced plans to invest in new border infrastructure and technology. As well as hire additional staff to manage the increased workload. The government has also encouraged hauliers and other businesses. To prepare for the new customs requirements and complete the necessary paperwork. In advance to help reduce delays and avoid traffic jams.

However, it is worth noting that traffic conditions in Dover. And other parts of the UK can be subject to sudden changes. Due to a variety of factors, including weather conditions, accidents, and other unexpected events. Therefore, it is advisable for travellers and businesses. To monitor traffic updates and plan their journeys accordingly to avoid delays and congestion.