Are the Uyghur China camps good for humanity? China is the only country with the balls to tackle the ongoing battle. Against the Islamic extremist Muslim threat that we are facing in current times.

Showing fake tears on the BBC doesn’t change the fact that these centurion barbaric monsters are bloodthirsty criminals. With one dream, world domination, and every woman clothed up.

Britain is already under deep threat, as the war and invasion have already started at the top government level. However, by the time people wake up from these silent labelling tools they use, for instance. Like islamophobia, it will be far too late, for our demise.

No one is saying all Muslims are bad, that would be ridiculous. But when you don’t condemn those who create atrocities under the name of Allah. Then you might as well have pushed the button or pulled the trigger. As morally you are just as responsible and complicit.

I’ve noticed over recent years and is becoming more current. That these vile acts undertaken by brainwashed extremists. Rather than accept responsibility and education, Muslim communities are quick to call themselves the victims. This been cases like the David Amess murder or the Manchester arena bombing. So all those who fear, dare not question as to not offend, it’s quite smart and ironic. As well as depicting the real reality of those who seek to hide the crimes committed under religious indoctrination.

The global threat of Islam is not something that should be ignored. Therefore It is not going away, in fact, it’s getting worse. Above all in other words, when the final call is made and the chess game is in check. The bloodshed will be nothing short of abhorrent and mass murder of infidels.

It’s time people woke up and started to raise questions about where the entire world is heading. And maybe seek to alter its direction.

Are the Uyghur China camps good for humanity?

Chinas Uyghur Camps

by On The News