Last year, the Biden administration was ordered to reverse the Trump-era policy to remain in Mexico, after a judge ruled that the administration had ended the policy illegally.

Some left wing activists and Democrats have been calling on the Biden administration to end the ordinance for months, claiming it was brutal, and rejecting migrants from due process. But Republicans, along with some Democrats, warned, removal would bring even more numbers to the border which is already out of control.

Three Republican states announced on Monday that they are bringing an action to stop the Biden administration’s repealing the 42nd Public Health Regulation, which was used to deport most migrants to the southern border arguing that it was against the law and has a detrimental effect on states, and rightful American citizens including national security.

The lawsuit alleges that ending the regulation, is not only a bad policy, but also violates the notification and comment requirements set out in the Administrative Procedure Act (APA). Which is arbitrary and capricious, on the grounds under which other immigration policies have been failed..

The Attorneys general in Arizona, Louisiana and Missouri have been accused of moving to end the 42nd regulation in which the Trump administration introduced in March 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and allowed for the rapid deportation of migrants across borders.

The Republicans are figting the impending man-made disaster biden caused with the sudden removal of a single safety valve. The lawsuit seeks to prevent the administration’s destructive border policy from turning into an inevitable disaster.

With the restriction gone, smugglers and cartels in Central America will likely tell migrants it means that the border is open. Figures already show as of February 2022, America’s border patrol has already apprehended more than 158,000 migrants, with this number now set to rise, to unstable numbers. Especially if the 42nd regulation is removed.