Angela Rayner – Home Alone, here we go again as Rayner cries victim as she pockets more than £48,500 profit on her ex-council house.

A house her neighbour is confident she was not living at. What makes things worse is Rayner is on record calling it ridiculous that councils offer such ridiculous discounts under the right to buy. So basically,

Rayner is a hypocrite. Rayner has tried so hard to close down the discussion. She has admitted her guilt and fraud by proxy, something she denies.

Tax experts have suggested that she could have been liable for up to £3,000 in capital gains tax on the sale of the property in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

Raynors Neighbours say it was a second home for six years, and they say she lived at her then-husband’s house a mile away.

Ms Rayner, 43, spoke on the issue yesterday while fielding questions at a Westminster lunch.

She categorically states that she has done ‘nothing wrong’, but dodged questions about which property she had been living in.

A lie bought and sold for another lie.

IF fraudulent, she should be forced to hand her vast profit back to the council, and it’s easy to see if she was living at her council house, all you have to do is look at her energy bill and see what the average cost was, over a good few years, this would be different if she were living there and using the services.

it’s that simple

Angela Rayner – Home Alone


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