It's too easy to blame ism's

It’s too easy to blame ism’s. Every TV channel and radio station crawling all over itself like a rabies-infected dog.

Each calling the Tories racist including their cowardly Asian leader Rishi Sunak.

Sunak has never supported his employees in order to virtue signal and avoid upsetting diverse demographics.

Let’s get one thing clear the UK Labour Party are always the front-runner to abuse isms. Not so long ago Abbott received the whip for racism. Not long after writing a news article. If someone else is the focus of racism, she appears short-minded.

In 2023, Abbott, who was shadow home secretary under Corbyn. After suggesting that Jews, Irish people, and immigrants were experiencing “hate” rather than racism, she found herself in political trouble.

Abbotts interpretation

“Although many different types of white people, like redheads, can experience this prejudice,”. They are not persecuted in their entire life. In pre-colonial America, the Irish, Jews and travellers would not sit in the back of the bus. South Africans used their right to vote in apartheid South Africa. while falsely claiming, that at the peak of slavery, no white people boarded slave ships.

But many will see her as a sudden victim, which is utterly pathetic, especially when there’s a general election looming. And a chance for promotion if Labour win.

Every country’s racism laws have been the death of them because people subject them to their views and interpretations. Just as Abbott is claiming here, many times isms adopted, to cancel individuals, including political opponents.

That doesn’t mean I agree with what Frank Hester said, but a racist comment. NO WAY! Hateful YES!

And the ignorant fool Sunak is now considering handing back a £10 million donation. Just to virtue to the left screwballs who see racism in their own shadow.

It’s too easy to blame ism’s


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